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Join us today and embark on your journey to a better community.

The HYSA has a comprehensive structure that allows tutors and servicing members to enjoy flexible schedules and benefits. 

Programs we feature:

Operations Team & HYSA: This is an interviewed group dedicated to maintaining and running the current HYSA Mainstream Operations.

     - Operations: General operations staff at HYSA

     - Program Directors: Directors for each mainstream program

     - Regional Directors: Directors for each area (e.g. Vancouver)

Leadership Team & HYSA: This group's task is to lead in-person events and maintain the funding schedule proposed by the Board and the Operations Team.

Volunteers: Volunteers that help out with general operations

Independent Scheduling Manager (Private) -- PSM: This individual takes on the task of organizing private lessons

General Manager Independent: This individual is in charge of all operations at the HYSA Independent / Private Sector

Tutors: Tutors can be accepted upon interview into one of the following programs: Math Connect, Aegis English, Private Sector

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5150-4000 No.3 Rd, Vancouver BC, Canada.,

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