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About: Hands of youth private


The Hands of Youth Private Program is a member funded society where volunteers and students receive extra attention in their learning. 

We realized that many high schoolers in Canada are trying to find a job, to solve their financial struggles, especially in Vancouver and Toronto. Thus, our team worked together to develop a peer to peer private tutor program to provide private support to younger students privately at a set cost.

These funds will be distributed amongst the tutors who tutor here and the Hands of Youth Charity to further improve the society.

For registration details, see below.

Registration: independent

Private Lessons:


HYSAI Private Lessons are for students who want special help or better help with their school/non-school related topics. We offer all subjects (please mention them specifically in the form).


The fee for private tutoring is: $45 / Hour with our best tutors and $30 / Hour currently for early bird registration.

Private Lesson Sign Up:

For more information:

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