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​About: Hands of Youth Canada


The Hands of Youth Association is a team of high-school to adult volunteers who dedicate their free time into providing free access to education across Canada online. Through their collaborative efforts, they currently tutor over 900+ students on a weekly basis and have more than 300 volunteers working to support them.

Notably, they also serve their respective communities by hosting community events. Each area in Canada will have a group of leaders, whether it's in Vancouver or Toronto. ​

​Thanks for the staff below for operating such an extensive program:

Co-Founder: George Wang

Co-Founder: David Jiang

Operations Staff: (Leads of Each Team)

Media: Arlene Z

Supervision & Large Scale Events: Maia X

Communications: David Z

Volunteership: James W

Fundraising & Small Scale Events: Dharaneeswar D

​Information: Geoffrey W

Program Leads:

Aegis English: Vera C

Math Connect: Tedrick S

Locational Directors:

Vancouver: Felicja L

West Vancouver: Constance Y, Sophie C



Adult Directors:

President: Rebecca R

Vice: Shirley Y

Secretary for the Board: Yunica W

Other Notable Leaders:

Highschool Organizers:

Lord Byng Secondary: Felicja L

West Point Grey Secondary: James W

Elementary Organizers:

Lord Kitchener: Kevin H

Our mission is to create an extensive community of non-profits and businesses to help underprivileged communities in Canada, targeting mainly the education sector and its variants. 

By helping young students improve, our community transforms into a strong supportive peer to peer platform. Students who have originally learned from the Hands of Youth can now tutor younger students in an area of their interest. 

Help us achieve this journey by signing up to tutor, or to donate.



+1 (778) 867 6099


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